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Humanitarian Aid for Gazan children

Gaza Appeal Poster

The suffering of civilians - especially children - in war zones is always a cause for concern amongst our school community.  With so many suffering due to the conflict in Gaza, our School Council wanted to find a way to provide help for children caught up in the crisis.

Samosa and bake sales are a tried and tested method of fund raising at school; relatively simple to organise and always popular, and so that is what was organised.  The students and staff contributed generously, knowing that their money was going to a very deserving cause - UNICEF's Gaza appeal.  This organisation, focused on protecting and supporting children worldwide, is currently providing  potentially lifesaving humanitarian aid to those in desperate need in Gaza.

The March Charity event raised £283.22 which, (together with contributions from last November's event), means that our kind hearted students and staff have contributed a total of £432.52 to aid those most in need in Gaza - the children.  (For those interested, our Charity Fund Raising page can be accessed by clicking here).

If you would like to donate to UNICEF's Gaza Appeal, to help children in need in that area, please click the link below.

UNICEF Gaza Appeal