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Fisher Family Trust Attendance Award - Autumn 2023

We are delighted to announce that Bordesley Green Girls' School & Sixth Form has achieved not one but two Fisher Family Trust, (FFT), Attendance Awards!  Congratulations to our hard working staff, supportive parents and carers and conscientious students who have made this success happen!

Attendance at school is obviously a very important part of ensuring the best outcomes for students.  FFT collects daily attendance data from over 10,000 schools, allowing each school to track, monitor and compare their attendance every week with other schools nationally.

Awards are given to schools with attendance in the Top 10% and Top 25% of all FFT schools nationally for the 2023/24 Autumn term.   BGGS students' attendance is in the top 25% of all FFT schools nationwide!

In addition, certificates are awarded to schools when their attendance is in the Top 10% and Top 25% attendance of schools in "similar circumstances", (based on Free School Meals eligibility).  BGGS is smashing this award, with our attendance being in the top 10% of similar secondary schools!