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Vocational Studies Podcasts

 These podcasts have been recommended by Art staff at Bordesley Green Girls' School, (BGGS).  Please note that BGGS is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Podcasts suitable for Key Stage 4 and 5

Subject Podcast  Description
Vocational Courses

Alzheimer's Society

"Dementia Together" podcast - where and how to get help.

Let's talk about care

 A podcast that cares about the care sector and gives people hope for the future.

Great podcasts for people with disabilities

A list of relatable and diverse podcasts are made by and for people with disabilities — here are some of our favourites. 

Working with Young People

How does music help to engage disaffected or disadvantaged young people? How can taking to the streets help build rapport with the youth community?

Supporting children's learning in the early years. 

How do young children learn, and how can adults help them?.

Communication in Health & Social Care

Whether working with older people, vulnerable children or patients suffering ill health or disability, care providers' ability to communicate is not only useful, but essential. 

Design for Dementia Care

The impact of disorientating spaces on people with dementia can be profound, and can create serious deterioration in their wellbeing. Case studies of new build and refurbished care homes reveal how dementia-friendly interior and exterior design enable improved working practices for care staff, and lead to greater independence and a better quality of life for residents.

Louse's Dementia Story

Collection of podcasts to complement the Channel 4 series Demenetiaville, used in our OpenLearn offering.

Infant and child development

Understand the developmental needs and vulnerabilities of infants under two to help improve practice 

Pedia Cast with Doctor Mike 

A series of podcasts covering a range of topics including infant sign language, childhood biting, hearing loss, potty training and many others.

Janet Lansbury Unruffled

A website with a range of podcasts covering all sorts of issues around "respectful parenting" for all ages of children and young people.

Family Anatomy

A website with a number of podcasts about different issues by two psychologists, (and parents), Dr. Brian and Dr. Giuseppe.

Childhood Matters

internet archive of podcasts on a range of parenting subjects.

What really matters

A library of podcasts some of which are related to childcare and family issues.

Theories of Cognitive Development

Podcasts giving information about children's cognitive development - the theory behind development and real life examples.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Experts from the NSPCC and external organisations discuss a range of child protection issues. What are people doing to actively keep children safe in the wider community and how can they continue to improve practices and prevent abuse from occurring?

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