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How Bordesley Green Girls’ School and Sixth Form will use the 16-19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 tuition fund is one off funding for the 2020/21 academic year that is ring fenced for Sixth Forms Students to support students and mitigate disruption to learning arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are committed to ensuring the fund is used in accordance with the government guidelines therefore we will:

  • Record the use of the funding, including individual students in receipt of tuition and the number of hours received by each student.
  • Keep accurate attendance and tuition records.
  • Monitor the progress of each student.
  • Notify the Education Skills Funding Agency if we do not spend all of the monies allocated.

The 16 to 19 tuition fund will be used to provide small group tuition for students aged 16-19 who have not yet achieved a grade 4 or above in GCSE English and /or Maths. Students who have Special Educational Needs and are disadvantaged will be prioritised for this additional tuition.

The national Tuition Fund allocation to the school for deployment in 2020/21 year is  £22,844 – the level of allocation having been calculated upon our assessed number of students in Sixth Form who had not achieved GCSE grade 4 or above in English or Maths.

The school plan,  as meets the Governments established criteria, is that the resources should be wholly deployed to support the specific students who have not achieved GCSE Maths or English at grade 4 or above (59 students at the start of the academic year) which includes those students studying Workskills Level 2 (currently 17 students).  

Tuition groups will have maximum of five students and the sessions  take place after school and occasionally during school holidays.  We will also use the fund to purchase learning resources for individual students. The tuition will be predominantly  delivered by School Staff.

Year 12 Workskills students are getting 4 additional Maths / English lessons in a fortnight in 2020/2021. (12 students have not passed both Ma/En).

Our plan is based upon the judgement that the most effective ‘catch-up’ arrangements for the specific students is to deploy the Government allocated resources funding by instigating more personalised and individual tuition support through establishment of smaller group sizes re GCSE classes.  

Additional lessons enable ongoing increases in levels of individual and personalised support tuition from their teachers through the academic year and therefore support improved levels of progress and achievement.

Overall, the total additional cost to achieve the plan to provide the relevant cohort of students’ with the extra lessons   and the extra tuition support in 2020/21 year is therefore approximately £24923.   This fully commits the £22 844 Tuition Fund allocation from the Government .

Update after November 2020 GCSE results

The number of students who have not passed either Maths/English has now reduced to 44 from the original 59. These are pleasing results as 15 additional students have now passed their GCSE Maths / English after few weeks of catch-up classes that started in October2020.