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Sixth Form Study Leave

Sixth Form Study Leave and End of Year Arrangements 2017


Re: Leavers Arrangements – Year 13

As the academic year draws to a close, we are sad to see our Year 13 students leave us but look forward to celebrating their successes and wish them luck as they go off in their different directions. We hope that we have given them the tools they need to succeed in their next challenges, whether that be at university or something different. Many of you have entrusted your daughter’s education with us for the past seven years, and we again would like to thank you for that responsibility and hope that the experience has been as positive for you and your daughter as it has been for us. We look forward to celebrating their success with you in August on Results Day.

Study leave from college during the exam season depends on which courses are being studied.


Study Leave A- Level students

Study leave for A Level students starts on Monday 5th June. During the study leave period students will need to be resourceful, hardworking and, above all else, self-motivating. This period of time will be crucial to their success so please encourage them to use it wisely. Nonetheless, when on study leave, we are still available to help; please feel free to approach us. Our obligation to our students does not end on Monday 5th June and nor does theirs to us. Subject teachers may continue with lessons up to the day of their respective examinations, and students are encouraged to attend lessons to ensure they are properly prepared. On these occasions, students will be required to sign in and out at Sixth Form Reception, and wear their lanyards whilst on site.


Vocational students / BTEC Health & Social Care, Children’s Play Learning and Development

Vocational students will continue with their courses, until Friday 7 July 2017. There is no study leave for these courses. They will need to complete all coursework and taught units during this time.


Leavers’ Day

A Level students Year 13 will leave Bordesley Sixth Form officially on Friday 26 May 2017. There will be lessons as normal in the morning. During the afternoon all Year 13 students will be invited to attend an assembly which will enable tutors to wish the students well as they leave.


A- Level Examinations

Each student has been issued with a statement of entry and an exam timetable. This is also available on our website. Students need to check this document carefully, to ensure that exams are attended. If an exam is missed, a candidate may not sit the paper at a later date during this examination series. If a student arrives late for an examination, they may be refused entry. In this case students will be billed for the entry fee for each exam. Therefore we expect students to arrive on site at least 15 minutes before the start of an exam.


Book Return Day-Tuesday 27th June

Students will need to bring back all of their books to Sixth Form, collect a form from Sixth Form Reception, return books to Finance in SG2 from 10.00am ~ 11.00am or 12.15 ~ 1.00 pm.


Year 13 Leavers’ Prom – Friday 7 July 2017

Along with celebrations on 26th May, we have also organised a Year 13 Leavers' Prom on Friday 7 July. This will be a fantastic opportunity for your daughter to celebrate their education at Bordesley Green Sixth Form and will be held in a private room at St Andrew’s.
The evening includes a buffet. Students will have to make their own way to the venue for 7:00pm and from the venue at 10:30pm. The cost of this evening is £20.
This promises to be a really enjoyable evening, and will be a fitting end to the Bordesley Sixth Form chapter of the lives of Year 13.


A Level Results – Thursday 17 August 2017

Results will be available From Bordesley Green Sixth Form on the morning of Thursday 17 August 2017. Senior staff will be available between 8.00am and 12.00pm to provide students with their examination results and offer guidance as required for university or career plans. It is important that students are available to collect results in person on the day. There will be celebrations for students who are able to secure their preferred university/career destinations. In the unfortunate event that this is not possible, students do need to be here in person as they may need to phone UCAS or individual universities. If your child is not able to collect their results in person, then please contact me.

We appreciate the support that you are providing for your child, and would urge you to continue with this over the next few weeks for the duration of the A2 examinations.
Once again, we thank you sincerely for your commitment and support over the last few years. We would like to offer our very best wishes to your daughter for the forthcoming examinations and with their future aspirations.

Yours sincerely

Mrs P Hyare

Assistant Head teacher-Head of Sixth Form