Sixth Form

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Year group bubbles

To keep everyone safe at school and to reduce the risk of spreading COVID19, we are implementing a 'bubble' system in September

Bubble and teaching zones

Year groups will be separated and self-contained in a ‘bubble’; the ‘bubble’ buildings/zones of the school are shown in the files below.

Each Form Group will be allocated a base classroom. Each Year group will have a designated to an outdoor space.  All areas to be marked out and labelled.  

Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be taught lessons in the same groups.  Students will leave their zones for specialist subjects: music and PE. 

Year 10 and 11 students will be moving for their subject lessons within the zone. Students will move for specialist subjects outside their zone.  

Year 12/13 (Sixth Form block) Students will rotate around classrooms within the physical teaching zone. Students will move outside the zone for science and art. 


This does mean that teachers would be required to teach in as many as five classrooms in one day and therefore would need to be constantly moving across the site.  There will be staff assigned to each zone to supervise lesson changeover.  Wipes will be provided and restocked regularly. On the floors, 2m teacher zones will be taped out at the front of each teaching room.  

All students will be expected to respect this zone and allow teachers to socially distance from students during lessons.