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Teachers won't set lots of work during Easter

After the turmoil and disruption of the last few weeks, we think that our students, their families and our staff need a break. For this reason, we will try to make the two week Easter holiday as normal as possible in terms of setting work. Some work will need to be set but it won't be a normal home learning amount.

We have told our staff that they don't have to set work through the Easter break.  They will treat this as they would any other 'normal' Easter - which is to say, that they will just set what they would normally set students to complete during this break. They don't have to set work according to the home learning timetable and students don't have to follow it for the next two weeks.

However - do remember that many subjects would normally set at least some work during the two week Easter holiday. This could be homework/ project work/ exam questions. Teachers will set that for students just like any other Easter and students should set aside some time during the holiday to complete it.

Just to reiterate we don't expected them to set tasks for lessons as per the home learning timetable during this period. Everyone should slow down, relax and take the next two weeks easy - there will be plenty of learning to be done when school resumes (online) after Easter.