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Re-opening arrangements for September

Ms Hyare has written to all families with details of our arrangements for fully reopening the school to all students in September. You can download the original letter by clicking here or simply read the text which is reproduced below:


22nd July 2020

Dear Parent / Carer

As we start our summer break, I hope you are well. 

 I am writing to update you on our planning for the Autumn Term. I wrote to all parents on Friday 10th July with details of our initial plans for welcoming all students back to school in the Autumn Term. Thank you for your feedback which we have used to refine our initial plans. Feedback we have received from staff and parents is in agreement with our proposals. Leadership team will meet week beginning 10th August to consider the outcomes of any further government reviews, review local data and information on transmission rates.  We will then write to staff and parents week beginning 17th August and share details of our final planning. 

Attached are several documents for you to consult, please; the diagrammatic representations of the year group zones and the timetable of the school day.  Our full Risk Assessment will be uploaded to the website under the COVID section. These can also be found on the school website via  I hope I have covered all the things you need to know but should you have any query, please contact us; we are happy to help and support you. 

Arrangements for the start of term in the Autumn are shown below:


Tuesday 1st September:   

Staff Training

Wednesday 2nd September:

Staff Training 

Thursday 3rd September:

(Year 7, Year 12 & Year 13 only)

Year 7 

Start: 9.00am

Finish: 3.00pm

Year 12 

Start: 9.15 am

Finish: TBC

Year 13 

Start 1.00 pm

Finish: TBC

Friday 4th September:   

(Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 & Year 11 only) 

Year 8 

Start: 9.00am

Finish: 12.00 pm

Year 9 

Start: 1.00 pm

Finish 3.00 pm

Year 10

Start: 1.00 pm

Finish: 3.00 pm

Year 11

Start: 9.00 am

Finish: 12.00 pm



We will use our planned Staff Training days on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September for staff training.  During student induction days all students will attend for extended tutor time sessions where new routines and procedures will be shared.


Year groups will be separated and self-contained in a ‘bubble’; the ‘bubble’ buildings/zones of the school are shown on the attached school map. Each Form group will be allocated a base classroom. Each Year group will be designated to an outdoor space.  All areas to be marked out and labelled.

Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be taught lessons in the same groups.  Students will leave their zones for specialist subjects: music and PE.

Year 10 and 11 students will be moving for their subject lessons within the zone. Students will move for specialist subjects outside their zone.

Year 12/13 (Sixth Form block) Students will rotate around classrooms within the physical teaching zone. Students will move outside the zone for science and art.


This does mean that teachers would be required to teach in as many as five classrooms in one day and therefore would need to be constantly moving across the site.  There will be staff assigned to each zone to supervise lesson changeover.  Wipes will be provided and restocked regularly. On the floors, 2m teacher zones will be taped out at the front of each teaching room.  All students will be expected to respect this zone and allow teachers to socially distance from students during lessons.

Format of the school day from 7th September

  1. Arrival

Students will be able to arrive from 8.15 and will proceed to their form rooms straight after washing their hands in the outdoor areas. There is no formal staggered start to the day; it tends to occur naturally given that our students arrive through the school gates over an extended period of time. 

Year 7,8, 9 and 10 enter via the gate by Reception; Years 11, 12 and 13 enter from Sixth Form car park



  1. Break and lunchtime

Different year groups will have allocated different social zones at specific times at break and lunchtime to minimise contact between year group bubbles. Please look at the attached map.

No food will be sold during the morning break. Your daughter is welcome to bring her own snack to school.

We advise that your daughter brings her own packed lunch for lunchtime which she will be able to eat in her year group bubble. To cater for free school meal students and those who want a hot meal instead of a packed lunch, we will offer a simple daily choice of either that day’s hot (halal) meat option or the hot vegetarian option. Both options will come with a dessert and a small drink and students will need to place their order each day in Form Time

Individual glasses of water will be available at lunchtime but to prevent the risk of cross infection, we will not be allowing students to fill their water bottles whilst on site as the water coolers cannot be made COVID-secure.

We recommend your daughter brings enough water for the day in a suitable bottle.

  1. End of school

Students will leave at staggered time. They will be escorted to the gates by their period 5 teachers

Year 7:                  3.10pm            Main gate

Year 8:                  3.15pm            Main gate

Year 9:                  3.20pm            Main gate

Year 10:                3.25pm            Main gate

Year 11:                3.25pm            Main gate

Year 12/13:           3.25pm            Sixth Form car park

We will adhere to the usual timetable of two weeks, week 1 and 2, with 50 lessons in total, 25 in each week, 5 daily.  

  • Year 11 students have timetabled lessons after school for Maths and Triple Science.
  • There will be no lockers available for students as accessing these would breach the ‘bubbles’. Students must keep their possessions in their bag at all times.



Uniform should be worn as normal. If your daughter has PE they should arrive at school in their PE kit on the day.



To help minimise contact between students, they will not be able to borrow equipment (pens, pencils etc.) when they come into school. We will be providing paper, textbooks and exercise books.

We require all students to bring the following into school every day:

  • pencil case, with, pen, pencils, ruler, eraser, coloured pens, etc.
  • Glue stick
  • Protractor and compass
  • Scientific calculator which must have a large screen to show the calculations as well as answers (e.g. Sharp or Casio models)
  • Packet of tissues
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer


Health & Safety

We will ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

We strongly advise that your child has tissues with them at all times. Tissues and hand gel will also be provided in each classroom.


Students will remain at the same desk / in the same zone for most of the day and therefore we are limiting the need for wiping down hard surfaces frequently. If your daughter moves from one classroom to another, there will be anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser in each classroom. They will be able to clean their workspace on arrival.


 We will ensure an enhanced regime of cleaning of hard contact surfaces to reduce the opportunity for virus transmission at the end of each working day. School will also be periodically cleaned during the day to further keep the site as safe as possible.



If your daughter or a family member living with you is ill with COVID symptoms, your daughter must stay at home. The COVID symptoms to look out for are a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, sense of taste or smell. You must ensure you book a COVID 19 test for your child or family member. Please under no circumstances send your child into school if they or someone in the household has COVID or is awaiting for a COVID test result.


Latest government guidance on testing, symptoms and public health advice can be found here:


If your daughter becomes ill whilst in school and exhibits COVID symptoms she will be isolated and you will be called to collect her. The isolation area will be in the Medical isolation room. This will ensure ill children can be separated from the rest of the school community.


If a student or staff member tests positive, we will be supported and guided by Public Health England. 


Travel to and from school

We would wish to encourage walking or cycling to school wherever possible.  Government rules now require all passengers over the age of 11 to wear a face mask if travelling by public transport. On entry to the school the face mask should be put away in a plastic bag to minimise infection.

We recommend to you the government guidance on Safe Travel

Students must not arrive on site before 8.15 am as the cleaners must be allowed time for effective and thorough cleaning when the site is empty. Similarly, departure from the school site must be prompt.



We are striving to retain the teaching of a broad and ambitious curriculum by delivering our full timetable of all subjects to all students. Led by curriculum Leaders, departments will, review their planned curriculum for each year group and modify accordingly to best suit the current teaching and learning circumstance.   We will retain some of our new ways of working with technology in order to strengthen our good practice. We will continue to invest in the professional development of our pedagogy.


Pastoral time for tutor groups will occur daily; there will be a mix of virtual assemblies and tutor led discussions/activities as usual. 


Our timetable (as originally planned for September with 5 lessons daily) will operate with minor alterations.

We will continue to care personally for our students; to give time, attention and support to their wellbeing.

Similarly, we will continue to prioritise staff wellbeing and strive to manage effectively their workload too.

Next Steps

Senior leaders will return to school during W/B 10th August. We will review the situation at a local and national level and begin our final planning for the Autumn Term. As part of our planning, we will also be preparing contingency plans to ensure that we are prepared for various scenarios. This will also be a more appropriate time to consider the outcomes of any further government reviews and review local data and information on transmission rates. We will then write to staff and parents during W/B 17th August with further details.

Governors’ panel  will  meet to approve the return plan and risk assessment in August 2020.

Support for young people’s emotional and mental health

Kooth, a free, safe and anonymous service to support young people’s emotional and mental health in Birmingham is available for young people aged 11 to 25 for online self-referral at Kooth is linked into the wider mental health support from Forward Thinking Birmingham and offers:

  • Online mental health counselling and chat services from midday to 10pm during the week, and 6pm to 10pm at weekends
  • Peer to peer support through moderated discussion forums
  • Self-care tools and resources to build resilience
  • Early response to and identification of emotional wellbeing and mental health problems
  • And there are no waiting lists, referrals or thresholds to access the service

Please look at our website for further resources on supporting your daughters


Designated Safeguarding Leads will be available over the summer if you need to get in touch with them for the following weeks.


Week beginning 20th July & 27th July : Mr Y Shah   

Week beginning 3rd August & 10th August: Ms L Porter

Week beginning 17rd August & 24th August: Mrs S Farzand

Summer Home learning packs

Thank you for collecting the learning packs. Please encourage your daughters to ‘dip in and out’ of the packs during the summer to help then get ready for school in September.

Students will need to bring back the packs in September. There will be some time in September to complete the packs as well.

Year 11/12/13 Results Day

Letters have been sent out separately to students and parents with information on collecting results and next steps.

And finally..

Of course, the end of a school year is always a mix of relief that we made it to this point, looking forward to the summer break and a heavy heart as we bid a fond farewell to our colleagues and friends who are leaving us. In a staff meeting last week we paid tribute, and gave our heartfelt thanks to, Ms S Voutsinou as she starts her new post as Assistant Headteacher in Nishkam School, Mr K Parker on his retirement and Mrs T Syed on covering Ms A Mughal’s maternity leave.

Thank you so much for your support for the School and for me personally over the past few months; it has certainly made a difficult job much easier and I have valued your kindness and compassion.  We are delighted to be planning for a full return in September and I look forward to the Autumn Term with positivity about the academic year ahead.

My very best wishes for a summer of sunshine, rest and warmth. 

 Yours faithfully

 Mrs P Hyare

Interim Headteacher