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Parent's copy of information sent to Y13

We have sent the following email to students in Year 13. We thought that parents/carers would like to see the information sent:

From: Sheida Nawaz 
Sent: 11 May 2020 12:36
To: #Year13Students 
Cc: Yusuf Shah 
Subject: Year 13 update - Results & Admissions

 Dear Students

Please read the information below which is the updated government  guidance from the Department For Education. This is guidance on the range of measures the government has announced to protect students and the higher education sector from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Students should also read the student guide to coronavirus for information about securing a place at university, the clearing process, accommodation and finance. We expect all students who want to go to university, and meet their entry requirements, to be able to access higher education. If a student has accepted an offer, meets the conditions, and decides to take it up, nothing has changed.

I have detailed the main points that will impact the majority of you, which include an enhanced clearing process, information on results day, how tuition fees will be paid and a little information on the available hardship fund. For the full document please visit:

Enhanced clearing process for this year

Each year there are over 30,000 courses available in clearing, and we expect the number in 2020 to be even higher. Clearing provides new opportunities for students to review their decisions and to change their firm choice, should they wish.

In the weeks leading up to results day, UCAS will be running a high-profile and multi-channel campaign, ‘Get Ready for Clearing’, which will be targeted at all applicants and explain how to make the most of the post-results period. This will enable students to access further information, advice and guidance which will help them reflect on their choices. They will have the opportunity to release themselves into clearing if they decide to withdraw from an offer they have already accepted and to consider other opportunities that might be more suitable, particularly if their grades are higher than they had anticipated.

This year students will be able to access better and more personalised information, advice and guidance, and a new and easier to use means to change course/provider if, having reflected further and taking into account their awarded grades, they decide to change their firm choice. UCAS is already providing a lot of information - it would be a great idea to visit the website regularly and keep up with the updates in regards Clearing and Extra.

Publication date of A level and other exam results

AS and A level results will be published on 13 August, as originally planned. This will enable progression to higher education to take place in the normal way.

We have made clear that the aim is for results for other qualifications used for progression to higher education to be received at the same time as A level grades. Results days for these qualifications are set by individual exam boards. If you are taking such qualifications, you should check the planned results day with your school or college. This means at this moment in time we are expecting no delays in terms of results and entry into HE institutions.

Hardship funds

Access to student hardship and mental health funds
Students experiencing financial hardship as a result of coronavirus should contact their higher education provider. Many providers have hardship funds which students can apply to for assistance. If any of you feel you need more information about this please email either myself or Mr Shah.

Tuition fee loans payments

In order to help prevent any potential short-term cashflow issues for higher education providers, the Student Loans Company (SLC) is reprofiling the termly tuition fee payments to all providers to 50/0/50 (from the current 25/25/50) in the academic year 2020 to 2021. This does not impact you too much, what it means is that the way the institution is paid by the SLC. Remember you do not receive the tuition fee loan into your account - it is paid directly to the university in increments.

Hope you are all keeping well and this answers some questions some of you may have had as well as given you some reassurance.

Kind Regards
Mrs Nawaz