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PE recommend Joe Wicks!


Live PE Lessons

Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, has got children up and down the country keeping fit in the comfort of their home. 

 Wick's live workout on Monday last week was streamed by hundreds of thousands at its peak as schoolkids across the country experienced their first school day from home due to social distancing measures introduced by the government to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

 P.E. with Joe is live -streamed classes Monday to Friday at 9am on his Youtube channel: The Body Coach.

Lessons will last approximately half-an-hour with Wicks saying “I will do this as long as the schools are closed.”

 Feedback about the streamed classes have been hugely positive with parents who welcomed the distraction for their housebound kids.

 Wicks announced last week that he would be running the sessions five days a week, Monday to Friday, pledging to "get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic".

 The first five lessons have been uploaded by Wicks to his channel and can be viewed here. The fitness coach will continue to upload each live stream to his Youtube channel under the header P.E. With Joe.


What do the classes consist of?


The 30 minute lessons are streamed live from Joe Wicks’ home.



They consist of “very basic exercises” that are “suitable for beginners. He assures that “if you’re unfit you’re still going to manage to do it”.



Exercises featured in lesson one included jogging on the spot, dynamic stretches and shadow boxing.

What else is available online to help me keep fit?


Beyond adopting Joe Wicks as a PE teacher you and your children can keep fit by following NHS’ home workout.



The health service offer a series of entry level ten-minute workouts for those wanting to remain fit at home.



More advanced fitness fantatics can try their hand at the NHS’ gym-free workouts, which include a chair workout, a seated yoga workout and a standing abs workout.


There are also a number of Youtube channels offering fitness routines for kids.



Debbie Doo offers simple movement exercises set to music for younger kids. Cosmic Kids Yoga offers a series of yoga workouts targeted at children which will help young ones to burn energy and relax.



Move To Learn also possess a library of fitness workouts for energy-packed kids to enjoy.