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Info for Y13 about exams

Dear Year 13 students,


We know that you may be feeling anxious and confused after the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday evening about it not being possible or fair for A level or vocational exams to go ahead in their current form. The Government also stated that they would be working with Ofqual (the organisation which is in charge of A level and vocational qualifications) to determine an alternative. This does not mean that exams are fully cancelled. It means that there is likely to be some kind of assessment that will replace the original exams. Like you, we don't know what this will be at this stage. However, we do know that students in Year 13 throughout the country will not be leaving Sixth Form or college without any formal qualifications or grades for their A Levels subjects or vocational courses. 


It is important you continue working to the best of your ability and attend all your online lessons. Your teachers will continue to remotely teach your A level subjects and vocational courses while we are in a national lockdown. You will need to upload work to your teachers; they will be marking your work. Teachers will be keeping a record of the work you submit. All of this could be very important if the Government decides that the school will be submitting centre assessed grades based on the work that you produce. This is what happened to Year 11 and Year 13 students last year. Remember, maintaining good study habits and continuing to study to the best of your ability will also be important preparation for all post-18 destinations.


Until we hear from Ofqual, mock exams will still be going ahead when you return to Sixth Form after the February half-term break. You must keep this in mind as you continue to work to the best of your ability over the next half-term. Remember, these mock exams could be an important source of evidence if your teachers are asked to submit centre assessed grades based on the work you have produced.


We really appreciate how challenging and difficult this announcement has been for you, but we must remain focused so that you can still achieve the best A level and vocational grades you are capable of. You know that we are here for you, your teachers and the school will support you fully over the next few weeks with remote learning in order to be in the best possible situation when Ofqual inform us of what the alternative arrangements will be. 


Keep doing your best and keep safe!


Kind regards

Mr Shah