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Firefly and Email Troubleshooting Guide


If you are experiencing issues logging in to your school email you will need to contact the school to get your password reset. Do this by calling 0121 464 1881. (If the number is engaged, call a member of the pastoral team but do try the main number again before doing this)


If you are experiencing issues logging on to the Schools’ Firefly portal please follow these few troubleshooting steps below:

When you are on the Firefly Logon page ensure that you select “Office 365 User Login“, on the right hand side.

This will take you to the Microsoft Login page, enter your school email address and password.

This will now log you in to our Firefly Portal.


If at this stage you still cannot log in, try to log in to your school email from the schools’ website, clicking on the Microsoft’s Windows flag icon.

If you cannot login to your school email you will need to reset your password by contacting the school. If you can login in to your school emails then continue following the next few steps.

  • Try a different web browser, for example if you are using Internet Explorer try using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Fire Fox.
  • If you have tried different web browsers and are still having trouble logging on then please ensure your web browsers are up to date and that your computer as the latest updates too.
  • After following all the above steps and you still cannot access Firefly and you have a smart device i.e. Smart phone and or tablet which is either iPhone or Android you can download the Firefly App from the appropriate stores; Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search for the Firefly App, download and install. You will need the Schools’ code to connect to the schools’ Firefly, this code is: BORDGRNG

If you cannot login in to Firefly using the App please contact the school.