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“Literacy Across the Curriculum – Our Journey”

This session will focus on the steps we have taken to embed creative strategies to develop literacy across the curriculum as a vehicle to improve teaching and learning and pupils’ outcomes. It will also highlight the key issues and approaches to be addressed by all. We will also share practical strategies for teachers to use in the classroom.


Session Leaders 

Betty Lohmann-Malone has long experience as a subject leader in inner city and suburban secondary schools, teaching languages at all levels. She is a keen advocate of sharing resources and imaginative approaches to language teaching. In her role as whole school literacy co-ordinator, she has been working at implementing a range of practical approaches to develop students’ literacy in order to raise attainment.

Dr Iftkhar Hussain is the Chemistry A Level coordinator and leads on transition to Sixth Form from Key Stage 4

Farzana Akhtar is Head of RE at Bordesley Green Girls School. She has been teaching RE for nearly fifteen years. She has a great passion for her subject and strongly believes it is her duty to share this passion and make a difference to students, through different learning experiences. She has completed action research into effective questioning, which has become “Literacy across the curriculum – our journey”

Katherine Skipper qualified as a teacher of geography from the University of Wales; Aberystwyth in 1996. Being a geography teacher has allowed her to bring the ‘real world’ into students’ lives. She strongly believes that all students have something to contribute. She has taught in a variety of schools in the Midlands and held a range of roles. Her present role is as a teacher of Geography and Inclusion.

Helen Simmons has been teaching History at Bordesley Green Girls’ School for four years. Before she arrived here, she spent a year teaching functional skills at Winson Green Prison, after returning from four years of teaching overseas. Her vast teaching experience has enabled her to be flexible and adaptable, maximising resources in order to create interactive and innovative lessons. She has provided a major contribution to the introduction of A – Level History. She leads the coursework element of the A Level enabling students to achieve. outstanding results

Sheeba Farzand worked for many years as an AST, developing teaching and learning within the science team and across the school. She is now a pastoral Assistant Head.

Frances Sandford has worked in a variety of secondary school settings for over twenty years teaching languages to a range of ages and abilities. She has recent experience of teaching English also and is keen to promote high standards of literacy across school.  Additionally, she has an interest in how best to encourage greater memorisation skills with students, in order to achieve greater success at exam level.