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Content and Language Integrated Learning is learning a subject through a medium of a different language. It is commonly practised across the world and is often the way that English is taught to non -native speakers. We are able to bring together leading experts in this method of learning from across the country to support the delivery of this theme.

Our Yr 7 and 8 students take part in lessons which use a range of visual-based learning activities used in CLIL Science in French. The lessons are delivered by subject specialists with French language skills and a linguist who has been trained to deliver Geography and Science in French. In 2016 we have been teaching Year 7 Business Studies in French. We have also created resources to support our CLIL that we have produced.

We will deliver training that unpicks the learning involved in each activity and considers ways of embedding CLIL techniques in a range of curriculum areas.

NB: This is suitable for all with an interest in visual learning techniques and CLIL. No knowledge of French ,Science, Geography or Business Studies is required. The session will include classroom sessions in these three subjects where you can see it in action, followed by insights into the methods used and how to set it up in your school.

The GCSE session that follows will look partly at the progression of CLIL into the new GCSE specification for MFL.

Session Leaders

Judith Woodfield

Judith Woodfield Head Teacher of BGGS has been teaching using this method since 2001.She has taken this method and introduced it now at three schools. She won the Franco British Council Award in 2004 and Mary Glasgow Prize in 2006 based on work with Ana Neofitou at Tile Hill Wood School in Coventry .CLIL is a an internationally recognised method of accelerated learning with transferrable skills which impact positively on all other subjects. This technique is one of the cornerstones of BGGS's Visual learning strategy for whole school improvement. The technique has been shown to raise results not only in MFL but across all subjects at both Tile Hill wood School and at Chenderit School which was featured in an OFSTED MFL best practice report in 2013. Currently our key stage 3 results at BGGS are rapidly improving and this can be attributed to the challenges presented by this method of accelerated learning. BGGS also runs the East Birmingham Languages hub for primary and secondary CLIL. We deliver CPD sessions to look at methods used in primary and secondary school. Primary sessions are led by our lead practitioner Marie Hélène Dione who this year has been using CLIL to teach French in primary schools. We also welcome other teachers to contribute and share their ideas for great teaching. We have a very keen group of teachers who want to use

CLIL or who are already using it , who regularly attend. We like to think of our hub meetings as “shopping bag “ meetings where you can bring ideas and also take many away .

Dulce Allen

Dulce is the Head of Science and AHT for Teaching and Learning Quality assurance at BGGS. She has 16 years teaching experience, including 8 years as a Head of department and 10 teaching A Level Biology. She developed the CLIL Science in French scheme of work delivered to Year 7 at BGGS. In June 2016 the BGGS Science team were awarded the TES Science Team of the Year award, their success was due in part to the CLIL teaching in Science. She has also written an article about Top tips in Science CLIL for the ALL.

Mrs M-H.Dione

After successfully managing her MFL department in an inner city school, Marie-Hélène Dione joined Bordesley Girls School in 2007 to lead transition projects in Primary MFL. She gained the Advanced Skills Teacher status and has been involved in the development KS2 language curriculums in numerous schools. She has also become an active contributor to the Local Authority Curriculum Team and runs the termly East Birmingham Language Hub meetings for local primary and secondary language teachers. Her reports were published and her teaching was filmed for a city-wide DVD, aiming at capturing best practice for Primary languages. She is enthusiastic about creative ideas to inspire, motivate pupils and enhance performance. .